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Introducing Trainline on Apple Watch

Trainline has landed on Apple Watch! Our Apple Watch app works seamlessly with your Trainline iPhone app to help you access all the on-time info you need to ...

Playing Flopsy Droid


Star Wars: Uprising [Gameplay] #29 - We Are Now UPGRADED!

The Empire has fallen! Or has it? Killing the Emperor doesn't kill an Empire. Welcome to Star Wars: Uprising were we go kick some butt and take names as we ...

Apple Watch exercise app


Apple Watchの設定

Tasbeeh Digital Counter

Very convenient for everyday uses of Muslims to prayers and make Tesbihat, Wird, Zikr after Namaz. Play Store Link ...

Apple Watch : Remote control Hi-Res music app

Apple Watchの純正アプリ「ミュージック」で iPhoneのアプリ「Onkyo HF Player」をリモート・コントロールしてみました。 音量、一時停止/再開、前の曲...

Apple Watchでアラームを鳴らしてみました

http://gigazine.net/news/20150424-apple-watch-app/ Apple Watchの標準搭載アプリで一体何ができるのか? - GIGAZINE.

Apple Watchデモ 写真アプリ

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